Emotion Ceramics is a dynamic company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of ceramic products.

We have undergone significant expansion in recent years, as a result of large investments in technology and a successful business strategy we have obtained outstanding results, continued commitment to developing our offer has resulted in a complete product range which is delivering very good value for money and to our clients great profit potential.

We belong to one of the largest groups in the national and international ceramic markets. Our success is a result of our constant pursuit of excellence, our dedication to succeed, this combined with our complete commitment to training and supporting our valued staff. We are a dynamic team, multidisciplinary and with great capacity to adapt to the different markets and tendencies. Our values are based on commitment to the client and to teamwork.

Due to a significant investment made in recent years, we have grown to become a major force in the ceramic industry, with increased production capacity we are now amongst the largest manufacturers in the ceramic sector in Spain. Our company has the most innovative production plants, the most advanced manufacturing systems and a constant commitment to the latest technologies. Our digital printing systems, incorporated into the production process, allow us to make unique, original and top quality collections.
Thanks to our versatility we have the ability to adapt to changes and to accommodate the needs of different markets. We operate in most countries in the world, offering a full range of high quality products that anticipate, satisfy and indeed drive market trends, all at very competitive prices.


We are convinced that no business can be viable without caring for society and for nature. As such, the responsibility of Emotion Ceramics goes well beyond the limits of the company, with a significant focus on caring for the environment.

We are fully committed to wellbeing and the best quality of life for everyone. Our fundamental purpose is to create beauty, by embellishing homes with products that provide both comfort and durability. All of this produced by modern production systems that optimise energy consumption, are committed to the use of recycling and clean energy and are based on processes that are respectful of our natural environment.