Energy _ Combine and hit

Energy _ Combine and hit

One of the emerging trends of the moment is the Brutalism Style; a representation of the raw material to show its strongest points: marbles, granites, cements and igneous rocks are the main protagonists of this movement.
Today we propose to combine materials to create personal environments with character and as a basis we will use our Energy series.

Energy is a cement-style tile that combines perfectly with all types of materials, from using it to it only as combined with marble, wood or hydraulic.

If we want a neutral environment, bet on the large formats that give a greater sense of continuity and use only one material, you can risk with the decoration creating your personal style.

If we want to give a fresh touch, marble is your best ally. In this case we combine gray energy in the ground with Naos 25×85 in the wall.

NAOS 25x85

NAOS 25×85

If instead you want an environment with a more natural character we recommend a wood. In our case we have Energy white 60×120 on the wall and Logic gray 23.3×120 on the floor.