All about Emotion Ceramics

Present since 2013, with over 50 years’ experience!

Emotion Ceramics is a dynamic company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing ceramic products.

We offer a complete range of high-quality products that meet and anticipate market trends.

60 years in the industry

Member of one of the most important groups in the ceramics sector.

+ 2,000 products marketed

Always meeting the highest market demands and leading on the most cutting-edge trends.

4 production sites

With a capacity of more than 35 million m2

We are the first choice for major distributors of ceramic products.

How did we get here?

2013: Brand creation

We entered the ceramics industry backed by the Halcon Ceramics Group.

2017: Organic growth

4 production sites with a daily production output of 120,000 m2.

2018: Joining Falcon Private Holding

Emotion Ceramics became part of an internationally recognised investment group.

2020: Emotion Ceramics reinvents itself

With short-term growth plans and a 40 million Euro investment, the company forecasted estimated sales of 250 million Euros.

021: Emotion Ceramics 4.0

New facilities, new digital tools and improved production processes and facilities make Emotion Ceramics one of the industry's most innovative brands.

Learn more about our history

In recent years, we have undergone a considerable expansion, and the outcomes to date are the result of a successful business strategy, significant investments in technology, and a complete range of products at the best value for money.

We belong to one of the leading groups in the Spanish and international ceramics market. Our dedication, constant search for excellence and human value all contribute to our success.

What are our values?

As a company, our work is based on our concern for our surroundings, the environment and sustainability. Without forgetting innovation in all our processes and our commitment to a high-quality team. 

Our team

Our team is made up of about 500 professionals, but to our company they are much more than employees, they are a family with a beautiful common project: to be happy in their work so they can make our customers happy as well.

We want to make sure that everyone here knows how important they are, that they can develop as people and professionals and that they are proud and excited to be a part of this team.

If you also share our vision of what work can be, you can participate in our selection processes.


We believe that no business can be viable without caring for society and for nature. As such, the responsibility of Emotion Ceramics goes well beyond the limits of the company, with a significant focus on protecting the environment.

We are fully committed to wellbeing and the best quality of life for everyone. Our fundamental purpose is to create beauty, by embellishing homes with products that provide both comfort and durability. All of this produced by modern production systems that optimise energy consumption, are committed to using recycling and clean energy, and are based on processes that respect our natural environment.


In recent years, we have made a significant investment that positions us as the group with the second largest production capacity in the Spanish ceramics industry.

Our facilities have the most innovative production sites, the most advanced manufacturing systems, and constantly apply the latest technologies. Our digital printing systems, incorporated into the production process, allow us to produce unique, original and superior quality collections. 

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